Jacques Lurton

Enthusiasm and Energy

Jacques is André Lurton’s sixth child. A true earthling at heart, he was drawn to agriculture and a love of science and new technologies from an early age. It was to a career in oenology that he turned, graduating from the Bordeaux Oenology School in 1983.

Very soon afterwards, he left for Australia: this new world of wine, based on freedom of thought and creation, enabled him to discover technologies not then practiced in Bordeaux.

"We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. Therefore, when we say we've lost our connection with nature, we've lost our connection with ourselves."

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Expertise & Know-how

A passion for winemaking

Jacques Lurton returned to Bordeaux in 1985 to assume technical responsibility for the Vignobles André Lurton crus. His contacts with the Bordeaux Institute of Oenology (Émile Peynaud, for the reds, and Denis Dubourdieu, for the whites, were his teachers) and his openness to innovation enabled him to place the family’s wines among the most sought-after in Bordeaux.

In 1988, together with his brother François, he founded Société JFL. Initially specializing in winemaking consultancy, in the 1990s he became a shareholder in a number of vineyards in southern France, Spain, Portugal and South America. During this period, Jacques travelled the world to pursue his passion for winemaking. He was particularly fond of making white wines. His expertise, acquired over the years, is sought after in every corner of the globe.

At the end of 2006, he sold his shares in JFL to his brother, to devote himself to a career as a consultant for wineries in Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, but also and above all to his wine estate, The Islander Estate, located in South Australia, on the island of Kangaroo Island, acquired in 2000. Jacques enjoys the innovative techniques and no-holds-barred spirit of this Australian culture.

Back to Bordeaux

In May 2019, on the death of his father, André Lurton, Jacques, along with his five sisters and brother, decided to carry on the family tradition, and took over the presidency of Vignobles André Lurton.

His mission is to shape the wines of these 6 family crus to produce wines of the highest possible quality, inspiring his teams to follow his creative vision.

He believes that the Vignobles Famille André Lurton signature should inspire wine-lovers around the world to enjoy a bottle of wine produced by the family’s vineyards as a moment of sharing and conviviality.



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