Vignobles Famille André Lurton

Our vision

"Bordeaux winegrowers for 5 generations, the André Lurton family resonates with its land and shines thanks to the wines that come from it."

Mathilde de Caix - Lurton

Group Managing Director

A Passion Passed
Down over Generations

Passion for a land, for its vines, for its grapes.

Passion for its transformation into multiple cuvées that reflect our terroirs, our grape varieties, and the commitment to men and women making this happen.

Passion for sharing these wines and knowing that they will be appreciated by wine lovers around the world.


Our day-to-day work is based on our environmental commitment to producing wines in a respectful manner, with a sustainable work ethic towards our teams.

It also means looking to the future, imagining, innovating and proposing alternative paths.

New grape varieties and innovative growing methods enable us to adapt to climate change within a an ecological transition. Malbec, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Carménère, Albariño, Colombard and hybrid varieties are an example of this.

Our Commitments

An environmental, social
and societal approach based on 4 pillars.


Thanks to the diversity of our properties, our terroirs and our experience.

Always eager to learn, the André Lurton family looks to the future while learning from the past.

With decades of international experience, including vineyards in Europe, South America and Australia, we have acquired an open-mindedness that makes us unconventional winemakers open to change. Our aim is that our wines, in their multiplicity, bring pleasure to those who taste them.


Jacques Lurton

Jacques Lurton took over the presidency of Vignobles Famille André Lurton in 2019 on the death of André Lurton, his father and founder of the vineyards. From a young age he developed a passion for science and new technologies and soon embarked on a career as an international oenologist.

Open to new cultures and with a love for people, he travelled the world vinifying in over 42 countries for 30 years.  Thanks to this expertise, he now brings his creative and innovation to the group.

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Mathilde de Caix - Lurton

Mathilde de Caix – Lurton is the granddaughter of André Lurton and daughter of Christine Lurton. After studying business in Paris, she discovered the world of wine through internships in the United States, England and Latin America. She went on to manage a Bodega owned by her uncle, François.  In January 2022, she became the Group’s new Managing Director.

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